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Ursula Morley Price


1936 Born London, England
Studied at the Camberwell School of Art (painting)
Slade University College, London
1972 Moved to southwest France and set up studio, lived and
worked in France for fifteen years, broken only by two short
periods of working in Essex
1981 British Council Award
1984 Invited to work at the Atelier Experimental, Severes Paris,
by the Minister of Culture
1985 Spent two years in New Zealand teaching and working in her
studio in Auckland
1987 Returned to her present studio in Brighton, England

1992 C.P.A. London
2 Man Galeries, Argile, Brussels
Barclay Craft, Brighton
1991 GRAHAM, New York
1989-90 GRAHAM, New York
1987-88 GRAHAM, New York
1986 Art Objects, Angouleme
1983 Westminster Gallery, Boston, MA
1978 Peter Dingley Gallery, Stratford on Avon
1977 Amalgam Gallery, London
1974 Ena Borerse Gallery, Amsterdam

1991 Terrace Gallery, Worthington, Sussex
Gallery Korts, Deventer, Holland
1990 Martha Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL
1987 Museum de Ursulmas, Macon, France
Provincal Museum, Hasselt
Keramik Museum, Westwaid, Hohr Grenzhousen
1986 Fletcher Brownbullt Pottery Award, New Zealand
Museum Van Bournel, Van Dam, Holland
1985 "Ceramics Christmas," Beaux Arts Gallery, England
"British Decorative Arts," Elaine Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1984 "British Pottery, Winter '84," GRAHAM, New York
"British Pottery, Spring '84," GRAHAM, New York
1983 Deidesheim, Germany
Martha Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL
"Britain Salutes New York," GRAHAM, New York
Kettles Yard, Cambridge
1982 Vallauris Biennale, France
Faenza International Exhibition
Rufford Craft Centre, Nottingham
Keramik Museum, Hohr Grenzhousen, Germany
1981 82 "Three Potters," GRAHAM, New York
1981 Casson Gallery, London
Veste Gobourg Museum, Germany
Kettles Yard, Cambridge
1980 Peter Dingley Gallery, Stratford on Avon
Ensland Museum Sogel, Germany
Westminster Gallery, Boston, MA
1978 Kettles Yard, Cambridge
Peter Dingley Gallery, Stratford on Avon
Eskenford Museum, Germany
Museum for Kunst, Hamburg
1977 GRAHAM, New York
Kettles Yard, Cambridge
James Graham & Sons, New York
1976 Gallery Kunst Handwerk, Hamburg
GRAHAM, New York
Penn State University, Museum of Art
Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York
1974-75 Oxford Gallery, Oxford

Brye Museum, Chicago, IL
Hamburg Museum
Keramik Museum, Hohr Grenzhousen
Los Angles County Museum, Los Angles, CA
Loudes Museum, Stuttgart
Musee d'Art Decoratifs, Louvre, Paris
Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
Nottingham Traveling Collection
Penn State University, Museum of Art

1991 Collection Fina Gomez
1988 Kermers, Frances. Ceramics
Flight Graham. Ceramics Manual, Collins
1987 Lane, Peter. The Exploration of Ceramic Form
Ceramics Monthly
1986 L'Atelier
La Revue de Ceramique of De Verre
Terres de France
1984 Art World New York
1982 Deutsche Keramik Westerwald
1981 Englische Kerameken
1979 New York Art Reviews
1978 Art World

C.P.A. (professional member)
London Potters
Maison des metiers d'Art Francais

Most invariably, my work gives the impression that it is influenced by marine plant life. This is not so! It is the movement I give to my work that gives this feeling. I am very concerned with movement in my ceramics and with the engineering of clay and taking it to its limits, and building it to paper thickness and not using support of any kind, when constructing my forms. I build in the undulating folds. The finished object has to be as I intended it.

I make my own matt glaze from oak and chestnut ash, my colors range from silvers, off whites, creams, pinks to specked browns and greys.

When making my ceramics, I feel I use drawing techniques, because my eyes constantly cross the contours of my forms and I use my hands in a rhythmic way to build up the clay surfaces.