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Seth Adelsberger, Trudy Benson, Michael Dotson, Henry Gunderson, Eric Shaw, Russell Tyler, Siebren Versteeg, Max Warsh

Jul 10 - Aug 28, 2014
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Henry Gunderson
Extended Model, 2014
Vinyl paint on canvas
96 x 48 inches

Press Release

The consideration for the artist today: that a work of art has a dual existence, both in an exhibition setting with external illumination and through reproduction on a backlit screen, creates a complex dynamic concerning the artist, viewer and light source. Additionally, the internally illuminated image is often viewed as part of a clicked through slide show or a scrolled through chain. While not all of the artists in Sunscreen employ digital technologies directly, there is a sensibility engrained in all of their work that accepts the screen as a de facto tool for the production and understanding of images today. This exhibition presents eight artists who engage with this condition and its impact on the history of painting through a range of strategies-seriality, brightness, repetition, hard edges, scale manipulation, layering, flatness, and automation-that enhance both the physical and digital presence of the work.